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What the Clerks are Saying!

I am so happy with my software program, “C&C School Accounting”, because it makes my job run smoothly.  David is always accessible and helpful.  His updates to the program are exactly what we need to keep up with our changing jobs.  We couldn’t do it without David. “

Mary M Lundy, District Clerk/Business Mgr

Valier School District #18

Fund Accounting: "User friendly and powerful", "Keeps current with ever-changing school finance parameters", "Priced for small schools, valued at larger schools"


Activity Accounting:  "User friendly" "User defined options" "Stores multiple years data"


David: "Highly accessible with help. Committed to providing optimal service at bargain price. He’s a stakeholder in School Business Officials Organization, current with Federal and State Regulations.  Personalized service"

Betty J. Sweet, District Clerk, Business Manager

Bridger School District

Jeanne Carroll,  Business Manager

Canyon Creek Elementary

C&C School Accounting “ software is very user-friendly and easy to learn. I think it makes a very difficult job a much less stressful one because of that ease. It makes sense. For those of us who are careful budget-watchers, the program price can't be beat. David Bardwell and staff are wonderful and prompt with assistance no matter day of the week or time.”

“When we went from the old pegboard system to a computer system for our district accounting I was a nervous wreck as I'd never worked on a computer before.  Our board and superintendent chose Foxie Lady because of it's price and customer service.  I believe that is what we all consider when purchasing things in our own personal lives as well, so why not for work.  Bigger and more expensive does not always mean a better product!  


 I was trained on-site (not over the Internet or by phone) which was a huge  KUDOS to “C&C School Accounting”.  As I continued to grow with the system I had many, many questions which were answered promptly and professionally.  I never was made to feel that I was just a dummy that didn't get it!  I was also given opportunities for further training by going to area workshops and through MASBO.  I know there were several of these over my 36 years so “C&C School Accounting” could keep their schools up to date and moving forward correctly.  I know for a fact that Carl Fox and David Bardwell spent hours and days traveling and on the phone troubleshooting school district business managers issues.  I know because I was one of them simply because of my lack of computer knowledge!  David Bardwell has never failed when I've called with an issue or question.  He is professional and has a very prompt answer for me-even when he had to switch something up or do an update to correct something.  


I would hope that schools sit back and re-evaluate as they consider change.  Is it really the program or is it another issue?  Overall, is it worth the cost to change just because someone else has the program?


Thank you David for a job well done.  Our school truly appreciates your services.”

Rosie Mitchell, Business Manager

Judith Gap Schools

C&C School Accounting “is a great accounting program and a breeze to navigate.  David is excellent at providing updates and reminders, constantly making sure that we have the most recent information.  He also provides unparalleled support, always available for questions or to help you out of a bind.  Even when he’s not in his office he makes his whereabouts known and provides a way to contact him if needed.  I have appreciated his patience, and always making me feel like no matter how big the problem that the answer was there and then walking me through the steps to fix it. There is no substitute for the service he provides.”

Shelley Keller, District Clerk/Business Manager

Lustre School Dist. #23

“I am a definite fan of “C&C School Accounting “ and David Bardwell.  He continues to make improvements based on input from other business managers.  He worked diligently to assist us with the new PERS reporting.  Whenever I need assistance, he always answers the phone and gets me through whatever I'm needing help with.  “C&C School Accounting”  is very user friendly.  The processing of claims and payroll is very user-friendly and is such a professional system.  I have been in this position for 15 years now, and I have called David early in the morning and many times after 5:00 p.m.  and into the late evening.  He is always happy to assist me with whatever I call him about.  He takes the time to get to know who his business managers are, and he supports the schools at the MASBO conference by being one of the vendors to donate a meal to the entire group.  He continues to upgrade the system on a daily basis depending on the needs.  He has brought in Jeffery to assist as it has definitely become large enough to be more than a one-man operation.  I know all of us “C&C School Accounting” users appreciate David and Jeffery and the hard work they put into the software program.”


"I would recommend “C&C School Accounting” accounting software to any business manager.  It Is a very user-friendly and professional system."  "I will be a  “C&C School Accounting” user until the day I retire. You couldn't pay me to switch to any other school accounting software!  I am always flabbergasted when I hear that a school switched to a different software.  Somebody talked them into doing something they didn't have a clue about because they didn't know better...that's all I can come up with when I hear a switch was made."


"I support “C&C School Accounting” and David and Jeffery and have the utmost respect for the system and them!"

Merridy Gauthier, Business Manager

Columbus Schools

“In the 18 years I've been the Kircher School clerk I have never been unable to reach David and get the assistance I needed.  He even answered the phone when he was on a rooftop replacing shingles.  I love this guy!”

Jennifer Beardsley, School Clerk

Kircher Elementary

“I have been using the “C&C School Accounting” program for 27 years, almost since it’s inception.  Since David took over it has been awesome, especially since we have the new program.  I really appreciate the fact that we can get a report for anything we do.  He is always so helpful and  knows how to fix any issue I contact him about.  If he needs you to upload the files to him to figure out the issue, he will get back to you in a timely fashion.  I appreciate that so much.  When I contact other agencies I might wait several days just to be contacted.  As I said, I have used the program the entire time I have been in the job and would never switch to another program.  My loyalty lies with David.  He works tirelessly for all of us and it is much appreciated!!!!”

Sara S. Kerr, Business Manager

Absarokee Public Schools

“I have worked with David for the past 9 years and he is a critical part of my success at my job. Anytime you need a special report or would like something added to the programs, you can ask him and it is done in a timely manner...sometimes the same day! Both the fund accounting and the activities accounting are very easy to use -even for those with little computer knowledge. “

Melissa Bartelt, Business Manager

Reed Point School District

“David Bardwell has been a great resource for “C&C School Accounting” for many years. The new program is easy to use and not that expensive. If I have an issue, I call and he gets an answer in a very quick response, either at the time or as soon as he is able. This makes a difference when I am in the middle of something and need help. Thanks David for all you do for us.”

Judi Ward, District Clerk

Harrison School

“I would be lost without “C&C School Accounting” . It does everything I need, and is simple to use. and when I screw up, David can always help me fix it. (I’m sure he shakes his head sometimes!) I’m not going anywhere! Our school is small, and our budget is limited, but it’s worth the cost, especially as the state and Federal requirements make things more and more complicated.”

Caroline J. Forseth, District Clerk

Golden Ridge School

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“Having only completed 2 years as District Clerk, I am still a newbie.  I never would have made it without “C&C School Accounting” and David. They  allowed me to easily enter in the information and kicked out reports with everything condensed of what I needed for reporting and even just upload files. This was a lifesaver. They helped me do what I needed to do even though I may not have fully understood what it was; and also helped to understand it as time went on.


 On top of that, we get David. He is always there when I call. He is able to understand over the phone what I am asking and help me to know what I should do. He has even helped me a with a few things that really were beyond his software, including crazy mistakes I made and helping to find where things were off.  I would have been lost without David! “

Rachelle Pearson, District Clerk

Greenfield School Dist. 75

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