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C&C School Accounting (formerly known as Foxie Lady Computers) was founded in 1980 by Principal Carl Fox and Superintendent Cal Walt.  The program was designed for the District Clerks and school Secretaries to help with the accounting and bookkeeping task at the schools.  Carl was told it could not be done, but the program was developed to run on a Radio Shack model II computer.  Not much memory and not very fast.  But, Carl and Cal made it work.  The first in Montana and among the first in the world to move School Accounting from a mainframe computer (of that time) to a desktop computer that a school could afford.

David Bardwell started working as a programmer for the company in 1990.  Then, later in 1996, he became full owner and president of the company.  Under both the DOS version and the Windows version, the program has grown many times in size, adding many new features and capabilities.  Over time, the program has developed it’s own sense of intelligence.  


Program development at C&C School Accounting is never over.  We are always responding to the changes in the law, changes at Montana OPI, PERS, TRS, UI, and the other State and Federal Agencies.  We do whatever  we can do to help and make things easier for the District Clerks and Business Managers at our Montana schools

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