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Accounting Software Built For Schools in Montana

  • General Ledger Accounts Management
  • Comprehensive Multi-Level Reports
  • Purchase order entry
  • Vendor Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Comprehensive Check Writer
  • Bank Reconcilliation and Deposit
  • Complete Auditor Tools
  • Encumber Accounts
  • 1099 Reporting
  • Invoice Entry
  • TRS Reporting
  • PERS Reporting
  • Adjustments and Transfers
  • Completely Encrypted Database
  • User Level Security Assignments
  • Password protection
  • No online data storage or transfer
  • Toll Free Support
  • Free on site training
  • Built in User manuals
  • Email support

With Data Protection and Security in Mind

And the Support When YOU Need It!

School Accounting Software


It’s a tough job being a clerk in Montana.  You’re under pressure from all different places to provide accuracy and transparency with your school’s finances.  Budgets never seem to get bigger, they just get tighter.  Your success depends on your ability to give an accurate accounting of funds.  We have listened to our clerks for almost 40 years to make our software the most robust and easy to use software available and it’s because the clerks guided us along the way!

Fund Accounting and Activity Accounting is customized software that is built specifically for Elementary, High School and Co-Operative Schools.  With free training and support, its easy to learn and easy to use.  You'll get the detailed reporting you need for your administrators. You’ll get the transparency required, and most importantly you'll get the accurate accounting that your success depends on!

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What Clerks Are Saying!


“Foxie Lady software is very user-friendly and easy to learn. I think It makes a very difficult job a much less stressful one because of that ease. It makes sense. For those of us who are careful budget-watchers, the program price can't be beat.”


Jeanne Carroll,  Business Manager

Canyon Creek Elementary



“I've called David on weekends, holidays, after normal work hours and he's never not been available to help me. He's one of a kind and we are blessed to have him and his wonderful software. “


Peggy Tobin,  District Clerk

Sunburst K-12 Schools



“I have been using the Foxie Lady program for 27 years, almost since its inception.  When I contact other agencies I might wait several days just to be contacted.  I would never switch to another program.  “ 


Sara S. Kerr, Business Manager

Absarokee Public School



"I will be a Foxie Lady user until the day I retire. You couldn't pay me to switch to any other school accounting software! "


Merridy Gauthier, Business Manager

Columbus Schools



“I have worked with many types of accounting software throughout my years of experience.  I have found Foxy Lady to be very user friendly and extremely proficient in satisfying the needs of our school district.  I would not even consider ever changing our accounting software.“


Cindy LaSalle, Business Manager/Clerk

Ramsay School District #3



“In the 18 years I've been the Kircher School clerk I have never been unable to reach David and get the assistance I needed.  He even answered the phone when he was on a rooftop replacing shingles.  I love this guy!”


Jennifer Beardsley, School Clerk

Kircher Elementary 



I have worked with David for the past 9 years and he is a critical part of my success at my job. Anytime you something added to the program, you can ask him and it is done in a timely manner...sometimes the same day! Both softwares are very easy to use -even for those with little computer knowledge. “


Melissa Bartelt, Business Manager 

Reed Point School District


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